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There are seven types of swallows seen in Cuba. Swallows are common throughout the North America Continent, Mexico, Cental America and the Carribbeans Islands. Thes birds are the Bahama Swallow, a tropical swallow seen mostly south of the Rio Grande and on the Caribbeans Islands. Then there is the Cave Swallow, a different race from the continental Cave Swallow. The other are the Barn Swallow, Bank Swallow, Tree Swallow, Northern Rough-winged Swallow and Cliff Swallow.

Swallows feed on insects and these acrobatic birds catch their prey as they manoeuvre through the air. They are mostly found near water and most swallow species build their nests from mud. The exception to this is the Bank Swallow, who prefers to burrow into the sides of sandbanks and the Tree Swallow and Violet-green Swallow, prefer to nest in the cavities of trees and posts and they use man-made bird houses, when given the opportunity.

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