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Birds of North America: on this bird site you will find information and/or images on not only North American birds but also North American sub-species, vagrant visitors from other oceans and countries in the world, as well as introduced species and some exotic birds. Over 1,000 bird species and races were photographed and are listed. We hope it will help you identify birds that have been seen on or near the continent of North America. Classic Collection of North American Birds Ltd, also known as CCNAB is for beginners and experienced birders. One of the primary goals is to show birds listed on the ABA (American Birding Association) list.

Birds of North America

The birds of North America are among the world's most colourful birds, from the multi-coloured warblers, eye-catching buntings, fetching waders and so many others.

Almost all these birds were captured by our cameras, as they hopped from branch to branch, waded through reeds along shorelines and skulked through tall grasses in the meadows, swam on lakes on rivers, soared high above in the blue skies and rode wind currents or perched on a lone branch.

With a few noted exceptions, extinct species were photographed in museums and archives, some are from care centres and some exotics in captivity. All other birds were found in their natural habitat.

All birds are listed alphabetically by family, including warblers, thrushes, waterfowls, waders, owls, eagles, hawks to name a few.

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