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Birds of Cuba, Vagrant Visitors, Introduced Birds and Possibilities

Wading Birds


Herons, Egrets, Flamingos, Ibises, Night-Herons, Spoonbill & Stork

Ardeidae, Ciconiidae, Phoenicopteridae & Threskiornitidae

Lives, Habitats & Pictures of the Wading Birds

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wading birds

The wading birds and Cuba wading birds are synonymous, for all the wading birds can be found or have been seen in Cuba. These birds have a preference for marshes, swamps, mudflats and shallow bodies of water and Cuba has all of this and more.

Below is a list of types of waders, with pictures of some of them, these include herons, egrets, flamingos, ibises, night-herons, spoonbill and storks. All of these bird types can be seen among the wetlands or close to them.

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