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Canada Warbler

Paruline du Canada

Cardellina canadensis

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Canada Warbler

Species: The Canada Warbler (Dendroica castanea) can be found right across Canada and through all the eastern states down to Georgia. It has a colour of yellow, that is unique to all other birds in North America, seeing it, one might remind oneself of a lemon. Prefers mature forest with a heavy under growth, more likely to be seen on slopes of hills near creeks or other sources of water. Is similar to other ground warblers, such as the Kirtland's Warbler, Hooded Warbler and the Kentucky Warbler.

Distinctions: The male has a dark blue cap, cheeks and wings. A grayish-blue nape and back, bold yellow eyes rings and lores. Throat, breast and flanks are lemon coloured yellow, white under the tail. The feature that stands out most is a band of dark streaks forming a large necklace around its neck. The female and juvenile have a similar appearance, except in a duller look. Has only light coloured streaking around their necks.

Voice: Chipping call, songs sound like "Chip, chupety swee-ditchety", repeated often.

Nesting: Three to five white to creamy coloured eggs with brown markings. Prefers to build it nest low to or on the ground on the slope of a hill, usually around roots of a tree. The nest is composed of leaves, dried ferns, mosses, and lines with fine grasses and hair.

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Seen in Manitoba, thanks to Christian Artuso

Life, Habitat & Pictures of the Canada Warbler

B L W W W Family Latin Name
5.25" 13.3cm 8" 20.3cm 0.35oz 9.9g Parulidae Cardellina canadensis

  • Summer
  • Year Around
  • Winter

Distribution: Found from the western tip of Newfoundland, through the lower half of Quebec, north to James Bay, and across all the western provinces, north to the North West Territories southern boundaries, touching the Yukon and British Columbia. Around the Great Lakes, south to Georgia, north-east to New Jersey, north along the Atlantic coast. Spends its winters in South America.

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