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Oiseaux de proie

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Birds of prey, pictures of birds of prey

See the different types of birds of prey, a library consisting of individual pictures and a summary of some of the North American birds of prey, native to the continent or have shown up as a vagrant at one time or another.

Birds of Prey include; the condor, eagles, falcons, harrier, hawks, osprey, shrikes, vultures and more.

The members of the birds of prey consists of the mighty California Condor, an endangered species that is struggling to survive on a continent where its habitat is shrinking and man-made obstructions are hindering its survival. The powerful eagles and the swift falcons are once again being seen frequently over our rivers and mountains.

The vultures, birds who are least thought about and the Turkey Vulture is expanding its range into the north. All the small birds and those who mostly hunt at night and remain unseen in daylight hours, such as the owls, are part of this group as well. Also included are the birds who live in the canopy of the forests and the isolated northern regions.

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