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Eastern Meadowlark

Sturnelle des prés

Sturnella magna

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Eastern Meadowlark (Eastern)

There are a variety of sub-species of the Eastern Meadowlark seen in North America, Central America and on the Caribbean Islands. Only the Eastern Meadowlark (Eastern) migrates to a warmer climate during the winter months. Some will even last out the winter in the grassy fields surrounding the Great Lakes where the temperatures are more moderate. The Eastern Meadowlark (Lilian's) and the Eastern Meadowlark (Cuban) are more likely to habitat the same regions 12 months of the year.

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Eastern Meadowlark Range Map

Meadowlarks are members of the Icteridae family, belonging to the same group of birds as the blackbirds, cowbirds, grackles and orioles. They are found on hay fields and pastures, recognized by their bright yellow breast, black "V" type collar reaching down into their yellow breast, their welcoming songs and rapids wing beats.

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