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Lesser Goldfinch

Chardonneret mineur

Spinus psaltria

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Lesser_Goldfinch (green-backed)

There are two sub-species of the Lesser Goldfinch seen in North America. These sub-species or races are the more commonly Lesser Goldfinch (green-backed) seen from the southern regions of the Washinton State, south into the Baja California Peninsula, east into New Mexico and north into the central states. The Lesser Goldfinch (black-backed) is the least common, usually only seen from eastern Arizona, eastward through southern Texas. Both sub-species are seen deep into Mexico.

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Lesser Goldfinch Range Map

Lesser Goldfinch is a member of the Fringillidae family. These birds are attracted to backyards with bird feeders. It is not uncommon to see them flocking with other types of goldfinches, or for that matter other types of finches. They are not as hardy as the American Goldfinch, which lives much farther north.

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