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Yellow Warbler

Paruline jaune

Setophaga petechia

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Yellow Warbler (Northern)

There are very many sub-species of the Yellow Warbler. These can be combined into three groups, starting with the Yellow Warbler (Northern). It is the most common sub-species or race among the group. It is seen throughout the North American continent. Then, there is the Yellow Warbler (Mangrove), and as the name suggests, it is found in the mangroves, mostly along the coastlines of Mexico and into the Central American countries. It has been reported in the summer months in the southeastern areas of Texas. The Yellow Warbler (Golden) is found on most of the Caribbean islands. It is very similar looking to the Yellow Warbler (Northern). One needs to see its reddish-orange crown to identify it. Small numbers of this race have been reported in the southern regions of the state of Florida.

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Yellow Warbler range

The Yellow Warbler in general is one of the most commonly seen warblers in its' group. The race seen in North America is usually seen along the edges of farm fields preferring bushes and smaller trees. It is usually seen around water or close to it.

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