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Solitaires, picture of solitaires

There are two types of solitaires that have been proven to have been seen in North America. The Townsend's Solitaire is the only native solitaire of these two, whose habitat ranges from northern Alaska into Mexico. The Brown-backed Solitaire is a vagrant, some times seen in the extreme south-western border states in the US. Another possible solitaire, that may be identified one day is the Cuban Solitaire, which as the name suggests, a Cuban endemic, that may show up in southern Florida, driven there by a storm or just a wayward vagrant.

Solitaires are members of the thrush family, whose habitat is found mainly in forests. More likely to be seen in up in conifers, feeding on insects and berries. These birds on occasion will show up at bird feeders in the south, or even in residential backyards, if there are winter berries available.

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