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Baird's Sandpiper

Bécasseau de Baird

Calidris bairdii

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B L W W W Family Latin Name
7.5" 19.05cm 17" 46.18cm 1.3oz 36.85g Scolopacidae Calidris bairdii

  • Summer
  • Year Around
  • Winter
Baird's Sandpiper

Distribution: The Baird's Sandpiper does not have many distinguishing markings or colours. It does have a streaking pattern down its nape and neck as well as some lines as far as its upper flanks. This shorebird nests farther north than most birds. It is seen from the northern shores of the Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut Territories and the northern arctic islands. It is also seen on the most northern reaches of Alaska. In late summer, it migrates back to its wintering grounds in South America.

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