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Bar-tailed Godwit

Barge rousse

Limosa lapponica

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Life, Habitat & Pictures of the Bar-tailed Godwit

B L W W W Family Latin Name
16" 40.6cm 30" 76.2cm 12oz 340.2g Scolopacidae Limosa lapponica

  • Summer
  • Year Around
  • Winter
Bar-tailed Godwit

Distribution: The Bar-tailed Godwit is a larger member of the shorebird family and much more common in Eurasia. Godwits in general are recognized by their upturned bills. It has reddish-orange plumage in breeding season, which molts to a plain grey plumage during the winter months. In North America, it is more likely to be seen only on the western coast of Alaska and only in the breeding season, when it will return back to Asia in the fall.

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