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Birds of North America


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A male White-winged Crossbill peers out from a conifer
along a road in the Gatineau Park in Eardley, Quebec, Canada.

There are two species of crossbills in North America, the White-winged Crossbill and the Red Crossbill. Both types of birds live off the seeds of pine and spruce cones.

The White-winged Crossbill lives more north than the Red Crossbill and is not likely to migrate into the southern states such as the Red Crossbill when the food supply becomes scarce.

The crossbills are nomads and follow the pine and spruce cones harvest as they mature. They have no real nesting schedule, unlike most birds who tend to nest in Spring. The abundance of cone seeds plays a major role as to when they will decide to lay their eggs and raise their young, than what month of the year it is.

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