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Gnatcatchers, USA

There are four species of gnatcatchers found in North America and the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher is the most common. This member of the gnatcatcher family is found in approximately two-thirds of the United States and into regions of southeastern Canada. The California Gnatcatcher can be seen in the lower half of California and into Mexico. The Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, which is quite similar to the California Gnatcatcher can be found along all the extreme southern States adjacent to Mexico and into Mexico itself. The Black-capped Gnatcatcher has the most southern range and again is quite similar in size and looks to both, the California and Black-tailed Gnatcatchers.

Gnatcatchers behave in somewhat the same manner as warblers and can be seen flitting from leaf to leaf and hopping from branch to branch seeking insects. These small mostly gray birds are always quite active, although the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher is less coloured.

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