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There are two types of larks that can be found in North America, these being Horned Lark and the very uncommon Eurasian Skylark. Only the Horned Lark is a native lark that is found throughout the continent. It is seen in different plumages, knowningly recognized as different sub-species.

The Eurasian Skylark is an introduced bird from Eurasia, once a more commonly found bird in some western regions of North America, whereas today it is only found on Vancouver Island, where it has grasped onto a small area where it breeds. The Sky Lark is a much more common bird seen in Eurasia and also a regular visitor to Alaska as a vagrant.

Horned Larks are primarily field birds, known for their hardyness and are seen throughout the winter months even in Canada. The larks are most often found along roads and highways feeding on grass seeds and finding food in areas of bare earth.

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