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American Kestrel

Crécerelle d'Amérique

Falco sparverius

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Life, Habitat & Pictures of the American Kestrel

B L W W W Family Latin Name
9" 23cm 22" 56cm 4.1oz 116.3g Falconidae Falco sparverius

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  • Winter
American Kestrel

Distribution: The American Kestrel was once known as the Sparrow Hawk. It is the smallest falcon seen in North America. Most often seen perched on utility lines or hovering in the air above a field. It is seen from Newfoundland and Labrador across almost all of Quebec and Ontario, into the Northwest and Yukon Terrirories as well as most of Alaska. It is also found south through all the states to the base of California and across all the southern states to the southern tip of Florida and north to Nova Scotia.

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