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Pacific Wren

Troglodyte de Baird

Troglodytes pacificus

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Pacific Wren (Aleutian)

There are two races or sub-species of the Pacific Wren. Although, which is usally the case, races are seen or found in the same type of habitat. This is not the case with the Pacific Wren. The Pacific Wren (Aleutian) is found on the open and barren landscapes of the Aluetian and on the Pribilof Islands, both situated in the Bering Sea. It is usually found in the rocky out cropping along the coast. This is a large wren, largest in its group, and does not migrate. Then, there is the Pacific Wren (Pacific), seen along the southern regions of Alaska, south-ward, right into the southern regions of California. This race is seen mostly in the forests, it is usually observed on the forest floors. It may move into the interiors during the winter months.

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Pacific Wren range

The Pacific Wren was once part of the Winter Wren group. Now, it is its own species with sub-species in its group. In general, but not always the case, it is seen on the western sides of the Rocky Mountains. It moves farher into the Bistish Columbia rockies in breeding season.

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