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Building Birdhouses for North American Birds

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Building Birdhouses for North American Birds

Building Birdhouses for North American Birds
By John Plewes

ISBN 0-921335-22-9

An excerpt from the Preface;

This book is intended as a practical guide to those who wish to promote the welfare of birds; it is hoped that implementing the ideas expressed herein will help towards restoring our native birds to their former numbers.

The reader is first given some ideas of the problems facing the world's birds today (1990), as it is against this broad background that his, or her, efforts on their behalf will be made. After noting a few of the known characteristics of the birds concerned, instructions are given for making seven different sizes of the nesting box, with variations, to suit more than twenty species. Each species has its own section, and its range and preferred habitats are given. Other topics include shelves for Swallows and Robins, growing some of your own birdseed, and, of course, an apartment house for Purple Martins.

Nesting boxes do not make the best roosting boxes, so these are the subject of a separate chapter. Feeders and birdbaths, and where to place them, are also dealt with.

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