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A Common Raven looks on, sitting next to the March Valley Road on a cold winter's day in Kanata, Ontario, Canada

There are two types of ravens in North America. The Common Raven can be found throughout Canada, except in some areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and along the eastern regions of the United States. The Chihuahuan Raven, also known as the "White-necked Raven" lives along the American and Mexican border throughout the eastern regions of Mexico.

Ravens are the largest members of the Corvidae family. These birds live in the far North and along the Rocky Mountains into Mexico. Ravens are a respected bird and their image can be found on wooden totem poles, carvings made from wood and from the tusk of walruses and on native paintings. They are known for their unique calls and many different voices. These birds can often be heard before being seen as the make sounds with their large wings swooshing through the air, as they fly above the treetops.

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