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There are two types of redpolls seen in North America, with a sub-species in each. The Common Redpoll is the most likely finch to be seen in the group. Its sub-species is known as the Greenland's Common Redpoll and is a larger bird. The other species is the Hoary Redpoll, whiter in appearance and having a much smaller bill. Its sub-species is called the Hornemann's Hoary Redpoll, and once again is a larger bird.

Redpolls are some of the hardiest finches found on the continent. These arctic nesting birds are only seen in the southern areas of Canada and the northern regions of the US during the winter months. Usually showing up at backyard birdfeeders in fairly large numbers. They have formed the habits of nomads, with no regular pattern or predictability as to where they will be seen when they migrate from the north.

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