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Two Mute Swans courting along the shores of Lake Saint Clair in early May, near Tilbury, Ontario, Canada Swans are the largest of the waterfowl and are some of the most beautiful birds to look at. They leave the observer with grand admiration when they see these birds for the first time.

Swans such as the Trumpeter Swansare the largest of the swans and the least in numbers. The most abundant are the Tundra Swans and the Mute Swans and they were introduced to our local parks and waterways, but are becoming more and more of a concern, with their increasing numbers and the harm they are causing to shoreline habitat.

Today, all swans are protected birds but this was not always the case. Over-hunting of these birds at the turn of the twentieth century almost led to the disappearance of the swans. With the aid of individual organizations and governments, they have made a steady come back, particularly in the Trumpeter Swan species.

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