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Birds of North America

Family (Parulidae) Genus (Setophaga & Myioborus)

Lives, Habitats & Pictures of the Redstarts

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A male American Redstart in breeding plumage,
visiting the fresh water pool on Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas, Florida, USA

There are two members of the redstart family found in North America. The American Redstart is the most common amongst these two warblers. They can be found throughout the continent, excluding the northern tundra. The Painted Redstart is the larger bird of the two and has a range along the southern borders of the United States into Mexico.

These two redstarts are members of the Wood-Warblers group. They prefer forests and bush lots, where they make their nests and find their food. Redstarts are non-stop singers in springtime and by following their calls, they can be found continuously moving and hopping from limb to limb, which is what warblers are known for.

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